If you enjoy Yung Gravy’s music, you’ll find these tracks captivating

If you enjoy Yung Gravy's music, you'll find these tracks captivating


Yung Gravy, the unique and charismatic rapper known for his clever wordplay and infectious beats, has carved out a special place in the world of hip-hop. His nostalgic and often humorous approach to music has gained him a dedicated following, and if you’re a fan of Yung Gravy, there are several tracks by other artists that you’ll find just as captivating. Here are some recommendations that capture the essence of Yung Gravy’s style and energy:

If you enjoy Yung Gravy's music, you'll find these tracks captivating

  • “Stupid” by Ashnikko ft. Yung Baby Tate: This energetic and playful track combines catchy melodies with clever lyrics, reminiscent of Yung Gravy’s signature style. Ashnikko’s unapologetic attitude and Yung Baby Tate’s confident flow make it a must-listen for any Yung Gravy fan.
  • “Pew Pew Pew” by JPEGMAFIA: Known for his experimental and boundary-pushing sound, JPEGMAFIA’s “Pew Pew Pew” features a unique blend of humor and hard-hitting rap. The track’s quirky production and witty wordplay make it a great choice for Yung Gravy enthusiasts.
  • “Baby I’m Bleeding” by JPEGMAFIA: Another track by JPEGMAFIA that resonates with Yung Gravy’s audience is “Baby I’m Bleeding.” With its catchy hook and unconventional production, this song showcases the eccentricity and unconventional approach to rap that both artists share.
  • “Mac Miller” by KYLE ft. Yung Gravy: For a collaboration that directly involves Yung Gravy, “Mac Miller” by KYLE is a fantastic choice. This tribute to the late Mac Miller combines heartfelt lyrics with bouncy production, giving listeners a taste of Yung Gravy’s ability to blend humor and emotion.
  • “Baby I’m Yours” by Breakbot ft. Irfane: This electro-pop track might be a departure from Yung Gravy’s usual hip-hop sound, but its funky and nostalgic vibe resonates with fans who appreciate his love for throwback aesthetics. The catchy melodies and smooth vocals make it a captivating listen for any Yung Gravy enthusiast.

These tracks offer a range of sounds and styles that capture the essence of Yung Gravy’s music. Whether it’s the clever wordplay, infectious beats, or humorous approach, these songs are sure to keep you captivated and satisfied while you wait for more of Yung Gravy’s own releases. So sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy the music that complements your love for Yung Gravy.

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